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More Challenging Than Ever

For employers, millions of unfilled positions have created an HR headache. First and foremost, finding qualified talent is more challenging, complicated and time-consuming than ever!

When comparing the number of resumes to the number of qualified applicants who actually get an interview down to the one who gets an offer, it’s a painful cycle that we intend to change.

Meet MojoRank

The Intelligent Recruiting Platform

The Challenge:


Having to search for talent in your own database is not efficient. Current ATS solutions have limitations which make it difficult for recruiters to discover the best talent they have already acquired quickly and efficiently.

The Solution:


Mojorank is transforming how teams discover and hire talent. Our solution integrates with your ATS and instantly surfaces the right talent for all your hiring needs using AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics.  MojoRank eliminates the need to search your own talent database by providing matching applicants upfront, saving recruiters’ valuable time from sifting through numerous unqualified applicants.


We are passionate about fixing the broken recruitment process. Using decades of experience in high tech recruiting, we aim to disrupt the talent acquisition industry with the latest machine-learning technologies and revolutionize the product experience.



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Reduce unconscious bias to achieve greater employee diversity

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